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Karnataka Bank RD Calculator on our site makes your Recurring Deposit Calculation easy. Use this Karnataka bank Recurring Deposit Calculator to Check the RD maturity amount and the RD Instalment amounts. The latest Karnataka bank RD interest rates are also available here. Before you open RD account in Karnataka bank, scroll down this page & get complete details of Karnataka Bank Recurring deposit such as How to apply for RD, Karnataka Bank RD schemes, RD features in Karnataka Bank, Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit schemes, etc

Karnataka Bank RD Calculator

We all know a calculator is a tool used to perform the complex calculations. So, in the same way, the RD calculation is used to do the calculations related to Recurring deposits. The RD calculator is mainly based on the RD rates and the Recurring Deposit tenure. The Recurring deposit rates are not same for all the banks. Hence, we have given the RD rate of interests for the Karnataka bank. Just simply refer the  Interest rates and the steps to use the RD calculator below and then use the Karnataka bank recurring deposit calculator. The Karnataka bank RD calculator is also available on the Karnataka bank official site.

Requirements To use the Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Calculator

  • Installments.
  • Duration.
  • Interest Rates.
  • Compounding (Monthly/ Yearly/ Half Yearly/ Quarterly).

How To Use Recurring Deposit Calculator Karnataka Bank?

  1. Click on the link below to open the “RD calculator.”
  2. Now, you have to enter the details like Instalment amount, Interest rate, Compounding, Duration in the space provided.
  3. Then, click on “calculate.”
  4. With few minutes the Maturity amount is displayed on the Karnataka Bank RD Calculator.

Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Calculator To calculate the maturity amount 

RD Calculator Karnataka Bank

  1. Hit the link below to open Karnataka Bank RD Calculator.
  2. Now, the Karnataka Bank RD instalment calculator is opened.
  3. Enter the required details on the Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Calculator.
  4. Click on the Calculate.
  5. Then, the total number of RD installments are calculated by the RD Calculator.

Karnataka Bank RD Instalment Calculator 

Karnataka Bank RD Calculator

Karnataka Bank RD Interest Rates 2017 – General

RD Tenure General ( For Rs. 1 crore Deposit amount ) General – For Rs.1 Crore and up to Rs 10 Crores)
180 Days 7.10 %
181 Days – 364 days 6.7 % 6.2 %
1 year – 2 years 6.75 % 6.25 %
Above 2 years -10 years 6.5 %

Karnataka Bank RD Rates – Senior Citizens

Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Rates 2017
Tenure Senior Citizens  (For Deposits up Rs.1 crore) Senior Citizens (For Deposits Rs. 1 crore to Rs.2 Crore) Senior Citizens ( For Deposits  Rs.2 crores to Rs.10 Crore)
180 Days 7.60 %
181 Days to 364 Days 7.2 % 6.7 % 6.2 %
1 year – 2 years 7.25 % 6.75 % 6.25 %
Above 2 years – 10 years 7.0 %

The above mentioned Interest rates of the Karnataka Bank RD account are latest, but they do not remain same all the time. The bank may change the rates time to time. So, before you decide to open RD account in Karnataka bank confirm the Interest rates of Karnataka bank. If you want to compare the Recurring Deposit interest rates of Karnataka Bank clink on the link below.

Compare Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates with other banks

Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Overview

The deposit schemes are the money saving schemes where you must be careful before you decide to open the Deposit account. So, view all the details About the Recurring Deposit and Recurring Deposit in Karnataka Bank. We have given the complete Karnataka Bank RD details below. Therefore, you can get rid of all the doubts regarding the recurring Deposit Karnataka bank.

Recurring Deposit is a scheme where you need to pay some fixed amount every month in the bank you open the RD account through the RD tenure. The Interest is added for the money you deposit in this scheme, and it will be given back to you at the end of the Period. For this Recurring Deposit Scheme, there will be the premature withdrawal facility with some penalty. You can pay the RD instalments to Karnataka Bank either by a Standing Order, ECS or at the Karnataka bank branch.

Karnataka Bank Limited is one of the major banking institution located at Magaluru city. The RBI has designated this Karnataka Bank as the A1+class commercial bank. This bank offers the huge RD interest rates for the general and senior citizens. The Karnataka Bank is one of the best banks to open the recurring deposit account. Karnataka bank provides its services through a large number of bank branches and ATM’s.

Eligibility Criteria To Open RD Account In Karnataka Bank?

  • Individuals.
  • Jointly Accounts.
  • HUF’s.
  • Minors.
  • Senior Citizens.

Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit Account –

The Karnataka bank Recurring Deposit account opening can be done in both online and offline modes. Refer the below steps to open RD in Karnataka bank below.

How To Open Online RD Account in Karnataka Bank

  1. Visit the Karnataka Bank website.
  2. Search for the Karnataka bank RD application form.
  3. Fill all the Particulars and submit the Karnataka Bank Recurring Deposit application form.
  4. Then, after the verification and RD deposit payment your Karnataka bank Recurring deposit account will be activated.

Recurring Deposit Account Karnataka Bank – Offline

  1. Go to one of the Karnataka bank branches.
  2. Collect the Karnataka Bank RD Application form.
  3. Fill it carefully without any mistakes.
  4. Attach the Recurring Deposit documents and submit it to the concerned person in the bank.
  5. Within few days the RD account in Karnataka bank will be activated.

Click here to Know More about the RD account Opening procedure & RD Documents

Documents Required To Open RD Account

  • Filled application form.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Resident Proof.
  • PAN Card.
  • Age proof (for senior citizens and minors).
  • ID Proof.
  • KYC documents.

Features of Karnataka Bank RD Account

  • Safe and Secure
  • RD Interest rates are same as FD rates.
  • The minimum deposit rates are low.
  • The RD rate of Interest rate is more than the savings account rates.
  • Flexible RD Tenures.
  • Loan and the Overdraft facility.
  • Minimum Recurring Deposit Amount: 6 months.
  • Maximum Recurring Deposit Amount: 10 years.
  • Low Risk.
  • Premature withdrawal is possible.
  • TDS is applicable.
  • Nomination Facility.

Types Of Karnataka Bank RD Scheme

The Karnataka Bank offers the various Recurring Deposit schemes. Interest rates will not be same for all RD schemes in Karnataka bank. So, we have mentioned the features of the best recurring deposit scheme in Karnataka bank.

Platinum Lakhpathi RD Scheme

  • The Karnataka bank Recurring Deposit Tenure: 45 Months to 120 Months. (Multiples of 15 Months).
  • For the Interest rates of the Platinum Lakhpathi recurring deposit scheme contact the bank.

Regular Recurring Deposit Plan

To know more updates about the Karnataka Bank Interest rates, Karnataka Bank RD Calculator and RD schemes keep visiting our site

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