SBH RD Calculator | Revised Recurring Deposit Rates of SBH

Here is the SBH RD Calculator 2017 to check your SBH latest interest rates. Use the RD calculator to know your SBH recurring deposit maturity amount. Keep reading the article to know SBH interest rates on RD and tenure periods and SBH RD account maturity amount.

SBH RD Calculator

The SBH RD account holders who want to know their maturity amount on the investment can use this SBH recurring deposit calculator in this article. In the below sections, we provide the easy steps of the RD calculator with some examples. However, the RD maturity amount can be calculated in two ways. One is by using SBH RD calculator online and the other by manual calculation with the formula. Here, we are providing the simple steps to calculate in the online process. So, follow the below process of Online RD calculator.

Users who want to check the maturity amount for the principal amount, click the below link and follow the below process.

How to Use the SBH Recurring Deposit Calculator?

  1. Click the below link to SBH RD calculator.
  2. The RD calculator for State Bank of Hyderabad opens on the screen.
  3. Carefully, enter the details of tenure period, SBH rate of interest, the frequency of compound interest, and principal amount.
  4. Then click on the Calculate button.
  5. The SBH recurring deposit maturity amount appears on your screen.

SBH RD Interest Rates Calculator

If you want to know the amount to be invested for particular maturity amount, look at the below section of SBH RD installment calculator.

How to Use SBH RD Installment Calculator?

  1. Click on the below link to SBH recurring deposit installment calculator.
  2. The SBH rd installment calculator appears on the screen.
  3. Enter the required details of interest rate, tenure period, maturity amount you need.
  4. Choose the frequency of compound interest either quarterly or half-yearly or monthly or annually.
  5. Then click the calculate button.
  6. Your installment for recurring deposit appears on your screen.
  7. You can make a trial with any interest rates, tenure period, and maturity period.

Installment Calculator for SBH Recurring Deposit

Moreover, to calculate your monthly installment manually here is the formula to help you.

Formula for SBH RD Investment Amount

R = M / [(1+i)n -1] / [1 – (1+i) – 1/3]


R = RD monthly investment

M = Maturity amount

i = Interest rate divided by 400.

n = number of quarters.

SBH RD Calculator

SBH RD Interest Rates 2017

SBH Interest Rates on Recurring Deposits
Tenure Period  RD rates below Rs.1crore

 RD rates for

Rs.1 crore to 10 crores

7 Days to 45 Days 5.5% 3.75%
46 Days to 179 Days 6.5% 3.85%
180 Days to 210 Days 6.5% 3.85%
211 Days to below 1 Year 6.5% 4%
1 Year to 455 Days 6.9% 4.25%
456 Days to below 2 Years 6.75% 4.25%
2 Years to below 3 Years 6.75% 4.25%
3 Years to below 5 Years 6.5% 4.25%
5 Years to 10 Years 6.5% 4.25

SBH Interest Rates on RD for NRE

State Bank of Hyderabad Rates of Interest for RD
Tenore of deposit Interest rates for < Rs.1crore Interest Rates for

Rs.1 crore to Rs.5 crores

1 Year to 455 Days 7.45% 6.50%
456 Days to below 2 Years 7.50% 6.50%
2 Years to below 3 Years 7.50% 6.50%
3 Years to below 5 Years 7.25% 6.00%
5 Years to 10 Years 7.00% 6.00%

Latest SBH RD Rates for NROs

Recurring Deposit Rates in SBH
Tenore duration Recurring deposit rates
for < Rs.1crore
Recurring Deposit Rates
for Rs.1crore to Rs.5 crores
7 Days to 45 Days 5.75% 5.50%
46 Days to 90 Days 6.50% 5.75%
91 Days to 179 Days 6.75% 6.00%
180 Days to 210 Days 7.00% 6.50%
211 Days to below 1 Year 7.25% 6.50%
1 Year to 455 Days 7.45% 6.50%
456 Days to below 2 Years 7.50% 6.50%
2 Years to below 3 Years 7.50% 6.50%
3 Years to below 5 Years 7.25% 6.00%
5 Years to below 10 Years 7.00% 6.00%

SBH RD Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

The senior citizens get more interest rates more than the regular deposits rates of SBH. Those with the State Bank of Hyderabad recurring deposit account and of age above 60 years get 0.5% greater rates for 1 year and more.

To know the interest rates of other banks click the below link

Revised Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

SBH Recurring Deposit – Overview

The State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) was established in the year 1941 under the acts of Hyderabad State Bank. The first branch of SBH was opened on April 5, 1942. SBH became a subsidiary of State Bank of India in the year 1959. All the branches of SBH are networked under the Core Banking Solutions. Moreover, state bank of Hyderabad offers many services to the bank’s customers with 1600 plus branches across India. The bank of Hyderabad covers a part of Telangana region, Marathwada of Maharashtra, and Karnataka states.

Recurring Deposits of State Bank of Hyderabad

The recurring deposits help you maintain a smaller savings account with attractive rates of interest. SBH recurring deposit makes you save particular amount monthly for a fixed tenure period. The State Bank of Hyderabad offers two types of RD accounts.

SBH Flexi RD account

This Recurring Deposit is provided by all the SBH branches at lower monthly installments of Rs.1000 to Rs.100000.

Recurring Deposit Scheme of State Bank of Hyderabad

The recurring deposit scheme aids the individual or joint accounts to save money for 12 months to 10 years of duration. However, you can deposit a very small amount of Rs.100 every month. The interest rate for this scheme can be calculated using the SBH RD Calculator.

To know more about SBH recurring deposits, click the below link

State Bank of Hyderabad Recurring Deposit

Features of SBH Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

  • All the branches of state bank of Hyderabad provide various schemes.
  • The range of monthly installments in SBH RD is Rs.100 to Rs.100000.
  • Customers can open both single and joint accounts in SBH.
  • SBH recurring deposit schemes is a better solution for child’s education, purchasing a house, and other financial issues.
  • The eligible ones for opening a State Bank of Hyderabad recurring deposits are minors under a guardian, all the residents of India, etc.
  • A loan facility of 90% on the principal amount and interest.
  • Exemption of TDS.
  • As per the bank norms, premature closure of the RD account leads to the penalty payment.
  • A discontinued or irregular installment in the SBH RD accounts also implies the payment of payment.

How to Open an RD Account in SBH?

  1. Fill up the SBH RD application form carefully.
  2. Attach the KYC documents to the application form and submit it in the counter.
  3. They will activate your SBH Recurring Deposit Account.
  4. At first, you should deposit some minimum amount in the account to get activated.
  5. To know more details about RD account opening, click the below link.

RD account opening Procedure

The documents that one require to open and RD account are the following.

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Age proof.
  • Address Proof.
  • Photographs with you sign across.

After the activation of your State Bank of Hyderabad Rd account, you should deposit the monthly installment without any break. To know how much you should pay or how much you will get at the end, use this SBH RD Calculator

State Bank of Hyderabad Recurring Deposit Schemes

SBH offers various schemes for its users. Below are the different schemes and the SBH bank interest rates for certain maturity periods depending on the amount invested.

Short Term RD Interest Rates

The tenure period in the short term recurring rates scheme ranges from 180 days to 2 years. However, the SBH deposit rates vary for the different range of investments. The SBH Interest rates on RD are mentioned in the tabular columns in the above sections. And use the SBH RD Calculator to know your maturity amount.

Medium and Long Term RD Interest Rates

The maturity period in this SBH RD scheme of medium and long term recurring deposit ranges from 2 years to 10 years. Different State Bank of Hyderabad Rates of Interest on RD is given in the above tabular forms for the range of investments.

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