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The Yes Bank RD Calculator to calculate maturity amount & Yes Bank installment calculator to calculate RD total number of RD installments are provided on our site. Check the Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates before you use the RD calculator Yes bank. After calculating the RD maturity amount if you are willIng to open the Yes Bank Recurring Deposit account scroll down this page and check the Yes bank RD account opening process. Yes Bank RD Schemes & the Yes bank RD rates for the General, senior citizens are listed separately.

Yes Bank RD Calculator Online

The Yes bank recurring deposit calculators are of 2 types. One for calculation of the RD maturity amount and the other for the calculation of total installments. The Recurring deposit calculator on our site gives you the exact and the accurate maturity amount. If you want to calculate the Installments use the Yes Bank RD Installment calculator or use the Yes bank RD calculator if you need to calculate the total maturity amount. Refer the below steps below and know Hoe to use the Yes bank RD calculator. The Yes bank RD calculator is also available on the Yes Bank Official website.

Steps To Use Online Yes Bank RD Calculator

  1. Hit on a link below to get the RD calculator Yes bank.
  2. Now, the Yes bank recurring deposit calculator page will be opened.
  3. Then, enter the required details in the space provided.
  4. Check the details and click on “calculate.”
  5. Within a fraction of seconds, the RD maturity amount will be calculated by the Yes Bank RD Calculator.

Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Calculator

How To Use Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Calculator

  1. Click on the link which is shared below.
  2. Then, the Yes bank RD installment calculator opens.
  3. Now, you have to enter the details like maturity amount, duration, interest rate and the compounding (Half yearly/ quarterly/ Yearly/ Monthly).
  4. Click on “calculate.”
  5. The total Installments to be paid will be calculated within seconds.

Yes bank RD Installment Calculator

Yes Bank RD Calculator

General – Yes Bank Interest Rates On RD

Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates 2017
RD Tenure Yes Bank Interest Rate p.a. (%)
12 Months 7.15 %
15 Months 7.15 %
18 Months 7.15 %
21 Months 7.15 %
24 Months 7.15 %
27 Months 7.15 %
30 Months 7.0 %
33 Months 7.0 %
3 years – < 5years 7.0 %
5 years – 10years 7.0 %

Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates – Senior Citizens

Yes Bank RD Rate of Interest
RD Tenure Yes bank Interest Rate per Annum 
12 Months 7.65 %
15 Months 7.65 %
18 Months 7.65 %
21 Months 7.65 %
24 Months 7.65 %
27 Months 7.65 %
30 Months 7.50 %
33 Months 7.50 %
3 years – < 5years 7.50 %
5 years – 10years 7.50 %

The Yes bank RD rates are not same all the time they may vary. So, if you want to open an RD account visit the Yes bank branch for the Yes RD Interest rates conformation. If you want to compare the RD rates of Yes bank click on the link below.

RD Interest rates of Top Banks in India

Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Overview

The recurring deposit is the saving scheme in which you can save some part of your monthly Income. Use the Yes Bank RD Calculator to calculate the Installment amount and open Yes Bank RD account. Yes bank Recurring deposit in Yes bank is secure and safe savings schemes. The Recurring deposit is also a kind of term deposit scheme in which you have to deposit fixed amount every month. If you open the RD account in the Yes bank you can get benefited by the huge interest rates. For all the people who earn the regular monthly Income, the Recurring deposit scheme is the best.

Yes Bank is largest Private sector bank established in the year 2004. The Yes bank is the only bank which got Greenfield Bank license award by RBI. The Yes bank is a complete service commercial bank with its Headquarters in  Mumbai.

Eligibility To Open Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Account

All the citizens with the savings account in the Yes bank has the eligibility to open RD Account in Yes bank. For furthermore, details regarding the Yes bank recurring deposit account opening eligibility visit the Yes bank official website.

RD Account in Yes Bank

Nowadays everything is done through online. So, the Yes bank also offers the facility to open the RD account Online. Hence we have mentioned the Yes bank Online RD account opening process along with the Offline Yes bank recurring deposit account opening process.  Therefore, you refer both processes and choose the easy and secure way.

Online Yes Bank RD Account Opening

  1. Firstly,  go to the Yes Bank official website
  2. If you have the Yes Internet banking, log in using the Yes bank id and password.
  3. Then, search for the Yes bank RD application form and fill it carefully.
  4. Now, you need to pay the Recurring deposit amount through Online.
  5. After the successful Yes bank recurring deposit opening, every month the RD installments are auto debited into your RD account.

How To Open Recurring Deposit in Yes Bank? – Offline

  1.  Visit the Yes bank official website and download the Yes bank RD account opening application form.
  2. Take a printout of the Yes Bank Recurring Deposit application form.
  3. Fill all the particulars carefully.
  4. Now, attach the required documents and submit it to the nearest Yes bank.
  5. After all the verification process and the deposit payment, the Yes bank RD account will be activated.

Yes RD Account Features

  • Loan and Overdraft facility is applicable.
  • 0.5 % more on Yes RD interest rates for Senior Citizens.
  • If you have the savings account you can open the Yes RD account Online.
  • Facility to track the recurring deposits through Online.
  • Minimum RD tenure is 6 months.
  • TDS is applicable.
  • Recurring Deposit period in Yes bank is 12 months to 120 months.
  • Nominations and the Premature closures are possible with the Yes bank RD account.
  • Minimum Recurring deposit amount of Yes bank is Rs. 1000/-
  • Maximum Deposit amount may be multiples of 100.

Yes Bank Recurring Deposit Schemes

The following are the 2 major schemes of Yes Bank Recurring Deposits. Get the complete details of the Yes bank Recurring deposit plans and choose the convenient and secure Yes bank recurring deposit plan. The following are the Yes bank recurring deposit schemes and their key features.

Regular Recurring Deposit

  • No maximum limit for the monthly installment amount.
  • The tenure range varies between 6 months to 10 years.
  • Free from TDS.
  • Interest rates are same as the fixed deposit rates.
  • If you once submit the standing instruction form for the Yes bank savings account you can pay the Yes RD installment amount easily.

NRE Recurring Deposit

  • The Yes bank NRE RD interest rates are similar to the Fixed deposit rates.
  • Minimum monthly Installment for the NRE’s is Rs. 1000/-.
  • Maximum monthly installment may be a multiple of Rs. 100/-.
  • Interest earned on the NRE recurring deposits is free from TDS.
  • The Interest rates of the Yes banks NRE’s may change if you contact the branch
  • RD Interest rates of NRE’s in Yes bank are not applicable if the ED is withdrawn prematurely.
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